AEG Appliances

AEG appliances are always an idea ahead. They dont believe in a wait and see the future approach. They drive the future in modern kitchen appliances with a focus on what is the next new idea that will fit the needs of tomorrow.06415-AB-Pear-Banner-300x250 AEG appliances have the best solution whether you are cooking an old favourite or exploring new territory. What matters most is achieving precisely the tastes and textures you want. Which is why the new AEG range of built in appliances are all designed to help you create exactly the flavours you are aiming for. AEG advanced technology and intuitive features give you the control and flexibility to serve up perfect meals every time.  AEG are in front with award winning design and build quality. They understand that the kitchen is the heart of your home and that kitchen appliances are essential tools that will be used every day for many years. Its worth choosing a brand that will deliver you exceptional results in performance as well as looking stunning. The alignment across the range is perfect in stainless steel and black glass offered across the range.AEG appliances Oven

AEG ovens feature an impressive XXL capacity. This means that they can offer you 5 shelves of completely even cooking and thanks to our ThermiC° hot air system, you can cook savoury and sweet at the same time with no transfer of flavour. For that all important Christmas feast, we tried and tested our ovens and you can comfortably cook a meal for 12 with all the trimmings! The impressive oven range offers you the latest options in innovation including the new SousVide oven, multifunction steam, pyrolytic and AutoSense (the clever oven that thinks for itself!)


The ProFresh technology in the fridges ensures that your seasonal produce is kept in optimum condition for longer. Our extra tall built-in fridge freezers offer you maximum storage space meaning fewer trips to the shops and our stunning designer PerfektFit™ fridge freezer with wine cooler makes a real statement, perfect for entertaining.

HOBSaeg hobs

AEG appliances offer you stunning designs across all the hobs, with designer gas hobs, sleek ceramic and stunning induction hobs. Have you ever considered induction, the fastest growing hob technology, offering the ultimate in controllability and energy efficiency? Induction is so easy to keep clean, plus they also offer you exciting cooking solutions with bridging functions, which facilitate sophisticated cooking with grill plates or fish kettles.


Whether in your kitchen or your utility room, the AEG laundry range offers you robust, well-built machines designed to treat your garments with the utmost care, with special programmes that offer the gentlest cleaning for your softest cashmeres and silk scarves.Some of our laundry products have been awarded the Blue Woolmark award, plus their range uses an incredible 50% less energy than a standard A rated dryer.


AEG hoods complement their ovens and hobs beautifully. The stunning designer hoods make a real statement as well as offering you the most efficient extraction solutions to keep your open plan living as fresh as possible.


The unsung heroes of many kitchens AEG dishwashers offer you a greater internal capacity (10 litres more than the average) with outstanding cleaning performance thanks to an extra satellite spray arm, giving you sparkling results. For open plan living, AEG dishwashers have also been awarded the Quietmark award