Bora Hobs Basic and Classic

The Bora Hobs extraction system is a huge improvement over suspended cooktop extractors. Bora Basic and Classic hobs are far more convenient to install and use and this is especially true in kitchen islands. They can be vented to the outside or are extremely effective in the recycling mode which resolves a lot of very difficult installation issues in modern kitchens. In this mode they return clean, smell free and dry air to the room. Alaris are one of the main retail dealers for these innovative hobs and can supply you direct from our stock at competitive prices.
The other benefit of the Bora induction hobs, besides the extreme efficiency is the low noise factor. You will no longer need to have conversations elsewhere when the hood is on full power and it doesn’t end there, they are just so easy to clean.
Bora Basic Hobs
The hob and the extractor are optimally set up for one another and will meet the desire of the amateur chef for perfection in their kitchen design.
Bora Hobs really are revolutionary being in one compact unit that can be installed in a few minutes, even in the external vent mode the connection is easy. Most people will benefit from this combination of pleasing aesthetics and effective operation.
The hob is available surface induction, induction or high speed ceramic. The Bora surface induction hob is 830mm wide, the induction and the Hyper glass are 760mm wide.
Its not every day that the kitchen industry is this innovative and creates something that really is engineering excellence.
Complete the form to obtain a competitive quotation or a brochure for Bora Basic or Classic hobs. Without doubt the main stream brands will now try to emulate the excellence that will have to become a part of the range. Its an exciting development in that the extraction is more efficient, its much quieter and its so much easier to install.

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